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Make the World Better, One Tune at Time

Beautiful Bellatrix

Release of The 1st Virtual-Single

I’m pleased to announce the release of Beautiful Bellatrix The 1st Virtual-Single. Beautiful Bellatrix is a ‘Share to Care’ release celebrating the Feminine Spirit and dedicated to ‘Women in Activism’.

This release marks the beginning of our communities first steps on the journey to make the world better by Celebrating, Supporting and Helping important causes, through the proceeds of sales of Beautiful Bellatrix Music-Cards. So, be active and send lots of Beautiful Bellatrix Music-Cards to your friends and family and everyone you know and help Celebrate The Feminine Spirit and Support ‘Women in Activism’.

The 1st Virtual-Single


Audio Talk of The Story Behind the Single

Women & Activism

The Story Behind Beautiful Bellatrix
The 1st Virtual-Single


Groups Supported by Proceeds from The Single

‘Women in Activism’ Causes

The Beautiful-Bellatrix Virtual-Single
Supports ‘Women in Activism’ Causes.

Our help is funded by proceeds from the sale of
Beautiful-Bellatrix Music-Cards.

Supported Causes will be listed here

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What's on My Mind

Hello and Welcome to my site, and to the beginning of an exciting
and special musical journey that I am on, to Make the World Better, One Tune at a Time. The world is at a major crossroads, and now
more than ever it’s time for those of us who care about the future, who believe in better and who want to make a difference, to stand up and take action.

My action is this musical journey, and my aim is to reimagine and create a new style, a new philosophy, a new movement, and a new cultural response to the current challenges we face.

We need new ideas, new thinking and new visions and we need them now. Change is coming, change is needed and we all have our part to play in shaping the future. Here in the Supporters Zone I am excited to connect directly with you, and to begin engaging on these important topics as we move forward on this fantastic journey.

So, spread the word – tell your friends, tell your family, tell everyone you know that KLASSIC-KOOL Music is here now, and that great things are about to happen.

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